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Surprise! Anna Maria Fucks Her Best Friend’s Son
This scene begins where Tuesday’s ended: with 46-year-old Anna Maria lying in bed, fucking her pussy with a dildo, cumming hard, taking off her stockings, sucking on her toy and enjoying that warm post-cum feeling. And then one of our studs walks in. “Anna Maria?” he says. Wait, he knows her? “Nicky? Is that you?” Anna Maria says. Wait, she knows him? “What are you doing here?” Nicky says. “No, what are you doing here?” she says. “I think I’m supposed to be having sex with you.” “I haven’t seen you in 14 years,” she says. “How long have you been doing this?” “A while, actually,” he says. “Oooh, you’re not a little boy anymore, are you?” “You’re about to find out,” he says. The videographer cuts in and says, “You guys know each other?” “I used to be his mom’s best friend,” Anna Maria explains. And Nicky always had the hots for her. And now he’s going to get to fuck Anna Maria. Anna Maria is mom. She was born in the Dominican Republic and lives in Western New York. She… Read More »

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Nov 16th, 2020

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