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Anna Moore’s Sex Toy Demonstration
Anna Moore, a 43-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Tampa, Florida, works as an in-home consultant for a sex toy company. And today, she’s going to demonstrate how she uses some of those toys while relaxing in a clear, hanging chair. Anna is from Michigan and lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. She used to be a Sunday School teacher. “I was kind of a prude back then,” she said. “Praying for my children and praying for all the little kids. It was all cutesy and perfect. I didn’t even have an orgasm back then. Completely covered from head-to-toe most of the time. Very frumpy clothes. Didn’t watch porn.” She watches porn now. Two of her fuck scenes she can watch are right here at In one of them, she gets fucked in her tight little ass. “Towards the end of my marriage, we kind of opened up to swinging,” Anna said. “I was tired of the boring, plain stuff we were doing. I heard someone talking about swinging and thought, ‘What is that about?’ So I… Read More »

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Sep 7th, 2020

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