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Kimis Hairy Creamed Cunt
Kimi Moon used to be a kindergarten teacher.

She says the people she knows would be “very surprised to see me here.”

And when we asked her what gets her off, she said, “Playing with cream and oil on my body.”

So, a few things about what you just read:

1. Most kindergarten teachers do not dress up in sexy lingerie, nipples poking through, and spread their hairy pussies as wide as possible for all the world to see. But Kimi does that and makes her snatch gape.

2. Kimi’s a mom, so that might explain why people would be surprised to see her here.

3. In this scene, Kimi plays with a lot of cream. She spreads her pussy wide as some unseen someone squirts cream onto and into it. The cream looks a lot like cum. It isn’t cum (nobody can cum that much, even for a hot MILF like Kimi) but it looks like it.

Most people go to their bathrooms to get clean in the morning. Kimi gets clean and dirty. She uses the shower head to squirt water onto her pussy. She takes out a clear dildo and fucks…

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Nov 25th, 2021

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