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“My immediate family would be surprised to see me here because they are somewhat conservative. My husband is aware of what I’m doing.”
So says Brooklynn Rayne, a mother of four and self-proclaimed cougar who lives in South Florida. Brooklynn has big tits, big enough to hold an apple between them hands-free. She’s blonde and voluptuous and extremely horny. She’s in the mood for love, and she’s thinking about fucking a young guy. What young guy? Any young guy.
“I don’t know if they’d be able to handle all this,” she says. “I sure would like for them to try.”
And we’re sure they’d like to try, too.
Brooklynn, who can be seen getting ass-fucked at and, used to be an assistant in a medical office. Her favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory. She’s a football fan. She likes fucking outdoors and in public.
“I like the thrill of maybe being caught,” she said.
Brooklynn provides further proof that sexual talent comes with age.…

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May 30th, 2021

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