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Kenzis Bikini Ass-fucking Show
This scene starts with a bikini show. It ends with a cock in 51-year-old Kenzi Foxx’s tight ass and a load of cum on her butt. Call it a voyage of anal adventure.

Kenzi, who’s married and has three children, looks smokin’ hot in her tiny bikinis. She has big tits, a little waist and fine ass. There are girls half her age who would kill for her body. For the first seven or so minutes of this video, Kenzi teases, but she’s not teaser. She’s a pleaser.

“I have a surprise for you,” she says, taking off her bikini. Is her pussy the surprise? Is her ass the surprise? Well, kinda. The surprise is when Kenzi inserts a butt-plug (the same one she used in her solo scene, the one emblazoned with “Daddy’s Cock Whore”) in her ass and invites her stud to eat her pussy. She has a big clit, so he knows just where to go. Next, she sucks his cock and balls, and she doesn’t shy away when he fucks her face.

“Fuck that pussy hard,” she says, tits jiggling as they fuck, but when he shoves his cock…

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Apr 18th, 2021

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