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The Escort Is His Moms Best Friend
Here we have Chris, a 26-year-old lad who calls an escort service for some company.

“I’m looking for somebody with a little more experience,” he says. “Do you have anyone who’s a redhead, by any chance?”

They do. Her name is Melanie Taylor, and before long, she’s knocking on Chris’s door. Well, now things are really going to get interesting because Melanie is his mom’s best friend.

“Oh my goodness,” she says. “This is awkward. I watched you grow up.”

But Melanie is an experienced woman. She’s 56 years old and knows how to deal with awkward situations. So after they admit that they’ve had a thing for each other, they get down to business. Because why not?

Spoiler alert! “My best friend’s son just came all over my face,” Melanie says at the end of this scene.

Melanie, a first-timer here at, was born in London, England and lives in Cheshire. She’s divorced and has kids. She’s 5’2″ with E-cup tits.

Hobbies: Going for walks and clay shooting.

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Sep 7th, 2021

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