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Fuck My Throat, Please
The stunning brunette, Abbie Maley, doesn’t need to use her pussy or asshole to make a man cum. Her mouth is more than enough to give any guy the explosive ejaculation he desires. AJ is lucky enough to have a taste of what Abbie’s soft lips, warm tongue, and tight throat has to offer. The enticing slut lies on the bed with her head hanging from the edge, the perfect position for intense throat-fucking. Abbie has no need to warm her mouth and throat. She is always ready to gobble a cock any time. AJ slides his cock into Abbie’s throat without any hesitation. There’s no point in taking things easy with this lustful lady. He pushes his cock balls-deep into Abbie’s mouth, making her neck bulge with his cock. Abbie can’t help but gag as the tip of the big dick touched the back of her throat. She starts choking on her spit and the huge cock. AJ pushes the bulge on Abbie’s neck, making it harder for the hot brunette to breath. Abbie begins to tear up with the lack of air. Her mascara is a complete mess. The once beautiful girl has turned into a messy whore as AJ continues to ravage her throat with his cock. Abbie kneels on the bed and continues to deepthroat the big dong. She licks the shaft, kisses the tip, and devours the whole cock in one gulp. Her head moves tirelessly, making sure that AJ is receiving the best oral he could wish for. Abbie lets the lucky stud lie on his back while she continues to give him head. She keeps on sliding the huge dick in and out of her mouth until AJ feels like he is about to cum. Abbie puts the whole cock into her mouth as AJ unleashes his warm load. The naughty slut happily receives the thick cream into her mouth, sucking the throbbing cock until the last drop.

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May 17th, 2021

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