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I’m So Wet For You, Fuck Me Harder!
Happy and giggly Abbie Maley is the kind of babe who likes it hard and rough and not afraid to admit it. She is an American darling who looks sweet on the outside but has a dark and sensual side that only a few people get to see. The sexy black fishnet number that’s been chosen does not hide anything, still giving a clear view of her supple skin. The lovely brunette spreads her legs wide for her partner to feast on her very eager pussy with broad strokes and hard sucks that make her moan out loud like the whore she is. When neither Abbie nor her partner can handle the steamy foreplay anymore, they surrender to their urges. Resuming a missionary position with her feet up in the air, they immediately start with a fast-paced deep fucking that both relish. Switching things up, they both lay down on their sides, and Abbie gets the sensual pounding of her life from behind. Their moans, whines, and pants mingle with the sounds of flesh hitting against each other. Not satisfied, her partner flips her onto all fours and sinks into her sopping cunt in deep fast strokes that make her scream in pleasure. Being the tenacious gal that she is, Abbie takes charge and rides her lover in both variations of the cowgirl position. Riding his long cock as if her life depended on it, she reaches the tip before impaling her cunt hard. When she knows he is close to climaxing, she goes back on all fours and starts sucking off his sizable cock until he spills inside of her mouth and does not waste a single drop. Moving into the bathroom to get clean, they enjoy a shower that gets filthier and filthier as the seconds pass by.

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May 30th, 2021

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