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In a steamy greenhouse, Adelina and Candice gently touch each other’s breasts and talk about doing sexy things outdoors. Adelina loves having sex in tents when camping, while Candice has made love on a remote beach, and they decide to share a new experience together. “Today I’m really in the mood to play with myself!” Candice declares, and Adelina replies, “I’m so lucky!” Candice slips her hand down Adelina’s colourful shorts and rubs her over her panties, while Adelina happily undresses Candice to discover her matching lemon-yellow lingerie, then strokes between her legs.

Once they’re both naked, the girls focus on touching themselves and giggle at the sticky sounds of their wet pussies. They delightedly admire each other’s masturbation technique and contrasting look: Candice is completely shaved, while Adelina has a luxurious full bush. “It really turns me on, I love how you play with your pussy!” Candice murmurs dreamily. They hook their open legs together so their warm thighs are touching, and their breathing gets heavier as they rub their clits. Candice squeezes Adelina’s nipple as she reaches orgasm first, and Adelina follows soon after, moaning in ecstasy. In the afterglow, they hold hands and beam at each other adoringly. “It’s so nice to share this moment!” Adelina sighs. “We almost did it at the same time: I think we are connected!”

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Sep 7th, 2021

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