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In her bright home filled with plants, Ayesha prepares to take a bath by setting up a wash basin on the floor. She strips off her t-shirt and loose-fitting shorts, until she’s standing in only a pair of thong panties that show off her bouncy bum. She starts by pouring a pitcher of water over her bare breasts, and the droplets cascade over her perfect areolas. Then she lathers up her whole body with foam, from her hairy armpits to her soft bare feet.
At this point, Ayesha is still wearing her sopping wet panties, so she pulls them down and rubs sudsy water into her luxurious dark pubic hair. Once it is nice and clean, she moves on to the hair on her head, carefully massaging shampoo in the long brunette ringlets before rinsing them off and wrapping her head in a towel. To finish up her beauty routine, Ayesha caresses her body all over with baby powder. It looks striking on her olive complexion, from her nipples to each one of her round bum cheeks.

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Jun 20th, 2021

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