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Nude Girls Sun-kissed Beatriz
Beatriz flashes a gleaming smile over her shoulder, as she gets on all fours, showing off how her skintight spandex shorts cling to her shapely thighs. She peels them off to reveal a g-string between her round bum cheeks, then tugs down her top to expose one nipple. Once her shirt is off, she uses it to playfully bounce her boobs, then drops her panties and stretches them from her ankle. The thrill of exposing her fuzzy bush makes her face light up with an adorable dimpled grin.

Beatriz massages some cream into her perky breasts and lies naked on the floor, resting her head on her hand and casting a friendly look into the camera. While relaxing in bed, she happily wraps a jump rope around her body, and stretches it between the toes of her soft bare feet. Then she puts her arms into a rainbow-striped top, but otherwise stands in the nude, so we can admire all of her luxuriously curvy figure.

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Nov 25th, 2021

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