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Nude Girls Preparing For The Beach Candice D
Candice lifts up her cozy sweatshirt to reveal that she’s not wearing a bra, but teases us by covering her small breasts with her hands and cards from a board game. Finally, she frees her perky nipples, then does some flexible stretches which provide tantalizing glimpses up her shorts. They drop to the floor to reveal bright yellow string panties, which Candice unties and lets dangle from her curvy bum. Tugging and stretching the fabric with a coy look, at long last Candice reveals her immaculate shaved pussy.

Getting on her hands and knees, she looks over her shoulder invitingly, with her face down and bum up. Then she shows off some fun ways to play with her clothes. She giggles as she pulls her panties over her head, then frolics naked with her nightgown flowing behind her. Lastly, Candice puts her sweatshirt back on, to pose bottomless with her legs wide open, flashing a warm smile.

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Channel - Abby Winters
Apr 25th, 2021

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