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Reclining in a cozy hammock, Catalina puts one hand up her button-down top, to gently squeeze her breasts. After removing her shirt, she uses one finger to rub circles on her large pink areolas, and nestles the other hand down her loose trousers to touch herself. Once she’s wearing nothing but her silky panties, she grabs the spoon from her coffee cup and slips it between her legs. The sensation of the cool metal against her excited pussy makes her smile, and she gets naked to plunge her fingers deep inside.

As her arousal builds up, Catalina runs one hand through her short hair, revealing the fuzzy patches decorating her underarms. Knowing exactly what she needs, she spreads her vulva so she can directly stroke her clit. Her soft boobs bounce and her breathing gets heavier, as she inserts her fingers to bring on a satisfying orgasm, which makes the hammock shake. With her eyes closed to reflect on her pleasure, Catalina fluffs her dark curly bush, and lets out a dreamy sigh. “I’ll keep this experience with me forever. I feel wonderful!” she writes in her note.

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Nov 25th, 2021

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