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Dark-haired Elysa sits down next to her redhead friend Danna and their eyes sparkle with a sweet connection as they hold hands and gently touch each other. Danna caresses Elysa’s breasts over her loose-fitting blouse, while Elysa runs her fingers along Danna’s warm thighs under her summer dress and strokes her over her silky panties. The girls indulge in deep tongue kisses as they undress and savour the taste of each other all over, licking necks, tummies, feet and finally pussies.

Flexible circus performer Danna lays on the floor and puts her legs behind her head, giving Elysa a perfect angle to eagerly suck her friend’s smooth shaved labia and plunge her fingers deep inside. Elysa then climbs atop Danna and sits on her face, throwing her head back as her freckled body flushes pink while she is expertly licked. Danna decides to get adventurous with a candle, dripping hot wax all over Elysa, which makes her writhe on the floor in pleasure. The girls end their day with a special cake to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Abby Winters!

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Mar 29th, 2021

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