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Video Masturbation Touching Each Other’s Breasts Danna & Giorgia
Real-life lovers Danna and Giorgia have shared many intimate experiences together (including having sex on camera!) but this is their first time masturbating side-by-side. Their special connection shines through as they hold hands and Giorgia tries on Danna’s glasses, which makes them dissolve into giggles. Danna caresses Giorgia’s firm breasts until her nipples slip out of her top, and Giorgia squeezes Danna’s chest before pulling off her romper. Looking down, Danna laughs, “Now I am nude and you are clothed! No, no, no!” Soon they’re both naked and touching themselves, and sticky sounds fill the air.

“Can I look?” Danna softly asks. “Sure!” Giorgia replies, eagerly spreading her legs, and Danna exclaims, “Wow, I like your hair!” The girls confess that they both love fantasizing about all-girl threesomes, which gives them an idea: “We should do it together, with another girl!” Deeply aroused by the sexy conversation, Danna vigorously rubs her shaved pussy until she’s overcome with pleasure. Giorgia keeps masturbating with her fingers deep inside, and her eyes glow with lust as she admires her beautiful naked girlfriend. Danna gives Giorgia a warm smile and gently strokes her thigh, until she tumbles headlong into orgasmic ecstasy, and the girls curl up in a loving snuggle.

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Sep 7th, 2021

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