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Girl Girl Squirting Threesome Elysa, Lucia M & Maylin
Elysa, Lucia, and Maylin help each other stretch as they nervously giggle in excitement. When Lucia lays on the exercise ball to stretch her back, Lucia can’t help to caress her thighs while Maylin touches her breasts. Sitting on the top bunk bed, Elysa shows her freckled body while she spreads her legs wide apart, letting Lucia lick her vulva while Maylin kisses Lucia’s panties before taking them off.

The action ramps up rapidly as Lucia lays on the floor, pushing her hips up and Maylin and Elisa finger her at the same time while they make out. Taking turns to pleasure each other, Elysa closes her eyes and moans as Maylin’s playful tongue caresses her clitoris, and Lucia fingers her passionately.

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Feb 21st, 2021

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