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Flo and Jullie’s playful pillow fight quickly takes a sexy turn, as Flo pins Jullie on the couch and reaches up her skirt to squeeze her bouncy bottom. The girls become locked in a passionate embrace as they make out, tease nipples and peel off each other’s thong panties. Jullie stands up to straddle Flo’s face while spreading her bum cheeks to heighten the sensation of her friend’s warm tongue lapping into her vulva. Flo is clearly aroused to find that Jullie’s body is as toned and sporty as her own, and she ravishes her in multiple positions: rubbing her wrist between her legs, going down on her in the yoga bridge pose, and inviting her to sit on her face.
As good as Flo is making her feel, Jullie wants to make sure she’s giving pleasure as well, and begins by reaching back during the facesitting to gently stroke Flo’s clit. After telling Flo to relax on her back with her legs in the air, Jullie proceeds to worship her bare feet, sucking two toes into her mouth. As a finale, she parts Flo’s thighs and nestles her face between them, slipping one finger inside, while lovingly eating her pussy. As her pleasure builds to a crescendo, Flo runs her hand through Jullie’s curly hair and moans in ecstasy.

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Sep 9th, 2021

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