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Gizela looks serene as she draws in bed, with her legs akimbo under the sheets. One hand drifts downward to touch herself over the bedclothes, leading her to throw them off to reveal her elegant panties. After removing her t-shirt to caress her perky nipples, she puts her sketchpad aside to focus on her pleasure. She teases her clit by stroking it with a pen, and tugs up her knickers to savour the delicious friction. Once she’s fully nude, she settles into the pillows with her legs wide open, ready to satisfy her sexual needs.
Gizela first parts her luxurious dark pubic hair and rubs into her vulva. With her other hand, she inserts two fingers deep into her pussy, and the room fills with deliciously sticky sounds. With her eyes shut tight in an erotic reverie, Gizela masturbates to a sensual orgasm, which makes her thighs quiver as she moans with release. She gets dressed after catching her breath, then shows off her drawing to the camera, flashing a warmly satisfied smile.

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Jan 6th, 2022

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