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Lilia and Zhenna stand on the windowsill of their penthouse flat, and decide to clean the glass, to better admire the breathtaking view of the city. They quickly realise the job would be more comfy and fun in their panties, so they help each other undress. Eventually standing nude side by side, the girls are too aroused by their friend’s toned figure, to do any more work. Redhead Lillia lays back on the sofa with her legs in the air, and invites Zhenna to go down on her. Soft licks on her clit drive Lilia wild with lust, and as she tenses up with pleasure, a proud grin lights up Zhenna’s face.

The girls slot their legs so their smooth shaved pussies can rub together while tribbing, and hold hands tightly as they cry out in ecstasy. They celebrate their shared orgasm with passionate kisses, then move into a 69 to enjoy each other’s sweet taste. When Zhenna sits on Lilia’s face, her adorable pigtails bounce, as an intense wave of pleasure washes over her. Lilia reaches up with one hand to gently squeeze Zhenna’s fingertips, and uses the other to masturbate herself. Curled up in a loving embrace in the afterglow, the girls beam at each other with satisfied smiles.

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Nov 25th, 2021

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