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Girl Girl Could Be Sisters Junie & Selvaggia
Junie and Selvaggia fix each other’s flowing blonde hair and exchange meaningful glances. They move close together to share deep kisses, then lift up their tops for boob cuddles and nipple sucking. After eagerly stripping down to their thong panties and gently caressing naked skin, Selvaggia reclines with her legs open. Junie tenderly spreads her friend’s smooth shaved vulva to expose her clit, then laps it up and down, as Selvaggia whimpers with delight.

When it’s Junie’s turn to be pleasured, Selvaggia parts the golden curls on her pussy to give her sensual licks, then plunges two fingers deep inside, while making intimate eye contact. The girls move into a passionate 69 to savour each other’s sweet taste at the same time, and Junie cries out in ecstasy. After Selvaggia gets eaten out in doggy, and Junie is fingered standing up, the girls explore tribbing positions until they find the one that feels best. Junie lies on her stomach, while Selvaggia slots her legs behind her, so their warm pussies melt together. Sweetly holding hands tight, they moan towards a blissful shared orgasm.

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Jan 6th, 2022

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