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Viviana straddles her bicycle wearing a short skirt, and the cool metal crossbar nestles between her legs. She leans over with an inviting smile to show off her cleavage, then reaches up to untie her top, revealing her hairy armpits and perky nipples. She stands wearing only her transparent underwear with two exciting things visible underneath: her fuzzy pubic hair and the pink stem of the geisha balls. She drops her panties around her ankles and cheerfully opens her legs, revealing how deep the balls are inside her pussy.

Viviana inserts four fingers into herself as well, looking delighted at feeling filled up. She spreads her labia wide apart, so we can admire the pink wetness inside, and brings out several more fun objects to insert. She first tries a toothbrush, followed by a ballpoint pen, and finally two different dildos. All the deep and thrilling penetration brings Viviana to blissful orgasm that makes her cry out, as a wave of pleasure washes over her.

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May 17th, 2021

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