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Girl Girl Sex On The Kitchen Floor Josephine A & Zina B
Josephine and Zina are standing on opposite sides of the table, painting a picture together. They flash warm smiles and Zina decides to make the first move, bestowing a sweet kiss on Josephine’s forehead. That inspires Josephine to squeeze Zina’s bum over her short dress, pulling her close to her, so they can make out. Soon, Zina has unbuttoned Josephine’s shirt and pulled off her own dress and the girls look delighted to be standing topless side-by-side. They sensually kiss while Josephine plunges her hand into Zina’s panties, then pulls them down, so they can both nibble the damp fabric at the same time.

Josephine bends over on the table, as Zina sucks her labia, and then starts fingering her deeply to an intense orgasm. As Josephine catches her breath, Zina gently kisses her shoulder blades before taking her place on the table. She invitingly opens her legs, and Josephine gazes up at her with a smoldering look as she laps into her pussy. The steamy eye contact pushes Zina over the edge to a blissful release, and the girls move to the floor to share more pleasure while tribbing. They play with each other’s nipples as they grind together, building to a shared climax.

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May 30th, 2021

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