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Last Friday I got a text from Samantha and Jessie asking what I was up to that evening. I was supposed to go hang out with some friends but I figured that I should probably clear my schedule cause this would be way more fun. A few hours later I was ringing the door bell and they were both there looking super sexy as usual as the y opened the door. After chilling for a bit they decided to take me to the bedroom, they had some super sexy lingerie on and decided to give me a little show to start the party…

After a little while it was time to turn it up a notch and invited me to join. In no time I had my pants off and they were both giving me an amazing double bj. Then jessie laid on her back so I started stretching out her little pussy slowly at first then going harder, Sam was right there sucking the dick in between and playing with Jessie’s big tits so it was her turn to get dicked down. We went doggy style to switch it up and it was fun to pound Sam big booty from behind. Jessie found a good spot to keep everyone busy and made Sam eat her pussy while I was fucking Sam. After that it was Jessie’s turn to get fucked from behind and I was feeling pretty lucky having those two super sexy babes turning up with me like that. After another bj train where Jessie was blowing me while Sam was eating her out I laid down and I got the amazing double bj treatment until I couldn’t hold it any longer and I had to fill up Sam’s mouth with a big load that she shared back and forth with Jessie. I knew I was right to clear up my evening plans for those sexy babes. Hopefully they text me again soon!

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Jan 9th, 2021

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