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Awesome Anal Threesomr
This scene starts off with the two hot big boobed milfs rubbing whatever they have together.
This could be well as well a lesbian scene at this point, since these two (Honey Demon and Tiffany Rousso) enjoy pretty much themselves. But apparently Thomas Stone arrives and he starts to play with them as well.

First off, the oil comes in the picture, which makes all bodies shiny – always. Secondly, he uses his fingers and put it to different places. Since at some point his finger slips into an ass, you can be really sure about that some anal stuff will happen here.

And it does! Hard anal pounding received by both girls. Big curves top and bottom resonates with the bang of that dick. Ass to mouth is just normal in that scene. If an asshole is fucked (and Tiffanys are regularly goes through that), you can be sure that in a minute or two, that same dick will land in the other girls mouth, or pussy. Or that same girls pussy! Ass to pussy also common here.

At the end, a little jerkoff and milking combination leads to dripping jizz on Honey Demons face, right onto Tiffanys ass. Mixed with that previously applied oil makes a really special scenery to view…

All in all another great scene delivered by the Only3x Network, as always.

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Mar 23rd, 2021

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