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Felicity is getting ready to go out on the town with you after having had a nice long bath. As she slowly moisturizes her long legs and silky smooth arms, she suggests some places you could go out together. Sensing she needs to do a little more to persuade you, she starts being very deliberate and slow with the lotion all over her body. She crawls into bed with you and strokes your cock for a bit before pulling off her bra and letting her perky MILF tits out to be groped and pinched. She continues stroking your cock with one hand while using her other hand to reach into her panties, before sliding her wet panties off and rubbing some lotion on her pussy. Lubed up, wet, horny, and ready, Felicity fucks herself to orgasm for you while you watch

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Channel - AT Kingdom
May 17th, 2021

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