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Janey is really burning the midnight oil at the office and calls her husband to check in and break the news. After some chit-chat, he asks what she’s wearing, and she walks him through her outfit : the purple cardigan sweater, white blouse, short black skirt, black stockings, black high heels, and takes a moment to point out her lacy black bra as she lightly rubs her tits over her blouse. As the conversation continues, he talks her through a detailed fantasy which makes her very horny. She pulls off the cardigan, unbuttons the blouse, and pulls down her bra to snap a sexy photo of one of her tits. Now properly turned on, she whips off the bra and skirt, rubbing her pussy outside of her panties before they, too, get removed. Dressed in nothing but her pearls, stockings, garter, and high heels, Janey rubs and finger fucks her hairy mature pussy and gropes her huge natural MILF tits to orgasm while still on the phone.

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Channel - AT Kingdom
Jun 20th, 2021

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