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You woke your Auntie Jess from her nap, and she feels totally inappropriate and underdressed, wearing little more than a flowery pink slip. After giving you a hard time about waking her up, and trying to cover herself a bit, she can’t help but admit you’ve got her a bit flustered and maybe a little turned on when she notices that bulge in your pants. Rather than send you away, she encourages you to take out your big hard cock and stroke it for her. After a minute or so, she can’t resist getting on her knees and stroking your cock for you. After shaking her ass and taking her perky MILF tits out to play with, she goes back to stroking your cock and then starts sucking you off for a bit, before she can’t resist the urge to pull up the slip and spread her legs and rub her shaved smooth mature pussy while you stroke yourself. Realizing she’s gone too far already, she gets on her back and lets you fuck her good and hard and loud

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Channel - AT Kingdom
Apr 11th, 2021

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