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Molly Fantasizes About A Coworker And Masturbates
Molly tells us all about her new coworker in the accounting department – which she rarely has reason to visit, but suddenly wants new reasons to do so – and how attractive and sexy he is. She walks us through an elaborate fantasy of seducing him, using her long legs and bustling cleavage, dressed in shiny gold & black heels, full length black pantyhose – no panties! – and a knit sweater. Once she pops the sweater off she reveals an elegant black bra, which is removed shortly after revealing and groping her huge natural MILF tits. As the fantasy continues, she removes more clothing until a naked and horny Molly is on her back on the sofa, legs spread out and in the air, rubbing and finger fucking her shaved smooth mature pussy to orgasm

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Channel - AT Kingdom
Jan 5th, 2022

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