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While bored at home, housewife Montse catches a book in the corner of her eye : 50 Shades of Grey. Deciding to pass the time with some leisurely reading, the text is really turning her on. As she reads through the pages, her mind wanders and so do her hands, caressing herself over her chest and between her thighs. After pulling off her blouse to reveal her cleavage in a white bra, she reaches her hand into her pants and rubs herself as she continues reading, eventually sliding off her pants as well as she reads bent over the couch. With her bra off, she’s pinching her nipples and groping her big natural MILF tits with her hand in her panties – which she finally decides to remove and gets into doggystyle position while she rubs her clit, then switches to sitting down, legs spread, and finger fucking her shaved smooth mature pussy to orgasm

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Channel - AT Kingdom
Nov 25th, 2021

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