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Auntie Natasha Workout And Pov Handjob
You’re visiting your Auntie Natasha as she’s finishing her workout, bouncing around on her exercise ball. After asking about your new major in sexuality, she steers the conversation towards your dating life. Shocked to hear that you’re single, and surprised you’re into older women, she stammers through talking about her own dating life – or lack of it. After she showers you with compliments, you give some compliments back, making her very nervous – what would your mother say? – but she’s getting a little warm and very turned on. She misses the touch of a man, and talks you through how she likes her big MILF tits fondled and teased and pinched. Seeing your cock hard in your pants, she can’t help but reach out and stroke it for you while fondling her tits, before lying back and sliding her panties to the side to finger fuck her shaved smooth mature pussy while continuing to stroke your cock so you can both cum together

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Channel - AT Kingdom
Feb 13th, 2021

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