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Cutie Aliya Brynn is not the innocent darling she seems to be with her delicate features and dazzling eyes. She turns into a needy girl once the doors to the bedroom are closed, and she gets some alone time with her stepdad. Clad in a thin white top, short pink skirt, and stockings to match, she patiently convinces him to take care of her ever-growing needs with a teasing suck to his thick cock. They move to the cheeky brunette’s bedroom and start to get frisky in no time. On her pink bed, she takes off some of her clothes and positions herself on her hands and knees to continue feasting on his throbbing cock. But being too riled up, Aliya turns and parks her supple ass against her stepdaddy’s dipstick, then begs him to fuck her hard. And he does so with gusto, making her moan and scream in pleasure like the sex-starved whore that she is. He gives her a chance to take charge and asks her to ride him, to show him how much she loves her daddy and his sizable penis. For a teasing second, Aliya gets down on her knees and sucks on her stepdad’s cock to get a taste of her love juices. But he’s not a fan of teasing and throws her into bed to pound her teen pussy hard in missionary, teaching her not to mess around with him. Telling her off for trying to take over when she knows who exactly was in charge in the room. They go back into a doggy position after the little brat admits her wrong and promises not to tease anymore. When he was close to cumming, he flips her over and uses her tight pink pussy like a cock sleeve. Her whines and screams get louder each time he sinks into her roughly. Just before climaxing, he makes her go down on her knees so he could spill all over her adorable face. Painting her features with his hot semen and making her swallow as much as she can.

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Apr 25th, 2021

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