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Hello Ellie Lilly who’s back and fresh off her debut over at and we just can’t get enough of what this girl’s selling. “So what’s your favorite body part?” asks Jake of our unsuspecting newbie. “I like my eyes the best” giggles Ellie with that contagious smile and smoking hot body. Yeah I’d say it’s your eyes that pop out the most when we take a gander upon your very seductive body Ellie, and those big perfect tits aren’t bad also…

So like I said it’s Ellie’s 2nd shoot ever and she thinks she’s back to only work with Jake “The Director” again. Yep and you guessed it, SURPRISE! It’s Isiah Maxwell and his monster man meat who always enters a room 12 inches before his body does and for some reason is always ready and standing at attention. Well I’d be hard and ready also if I was standing naked in a shower waiting for a hottie to unsuspectingly grab a towel just seconds before I surprised her and then used her like a little fuck doll. Well that’s exactly what happened and Ellie was quite surprised and even more surprised that Isiah started to unclog her wind pipe to see just how far down her throat that man meat of a salami would go. Well it goes down pretty far and it’s obvious that Ellie’s been missing out on large cocks. You can also bet Isiah takes full advantage of the situation and treats Ellie to some first class dicking on the bathroom counter before retreating to the bedroom. As is the case with all our models, this is Ellie’s first black cock ever and today is also followed by a number of new and first ever positions followed by a big facial that she keeps on that pretty face of hers all the way till her post shoot confessional. So enjoy Ellie everyone because this girls going far.

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May 17th, 2021

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