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My Favorite First Responder
Ricky has a new girlfriend! Well, for about 8 months now. But she’s new to us! Aleksa just finished nursing school and is working in the ER here in SD. I went with Ricky to pick her up from work and thought I would bring my camera along to get a few shots in the field! Lol jk, I planned on taking my camera the whole time. no way in hell I’m letting this chance slip by! Aleksa is 22 years old, 5’2″, ass for DAYS!!! For real, I think I came twice just watching her. She is a born and raised local and isn’t afraid to show off in front of some guys! Hopefully we see more of Aleksa! Thanks Ricky!!! I asked them to do what they would normally do at home and the ending is a twist I can honestly say I have never filmed before.

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Channel - BrickYates
Feb 21st, 2021

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