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Joanna Angel’s Dungeon Furniture Emporium – Episode 1
Furniture collector Dante Colle is browsing around the dungeon furniture emporium when proprietor Joanna Angel checks on him. They chat about a particular piece of furniture, but Joanna quickly decides that she doesn’t like Dante’s attitude and scares him off.No sooner has Dante fled than Adira Allure walks into the emporium, looking to find a desk for her dorm room. Joanna notices how hot Adira is and gets an idea, telling her that she can give her a lot more than a desk. In a flash, Joanna has Adira decked out in smoking-hot leather. But Joanna’s plans for Adira are just getting started, and she’s about to give Adira a hands-on demo of some of her kinkiest furnishings!

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Feb 18th, 2021

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