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Fuck Me Or You Fail Sex Education
Description:Seth Gamble is having issues in his sex ed class and the only way he will pass is if he fucks Ms. Rossi. She will take it no other way. There is no retaking the test, no extra credit. All she wants is Seth to fuck her and show her that he has learned something in her class. Is this what teachers are really like or is this another one of those pornos that always leads to sex and cum spraying on some part of the womans body. Well she is asking and what kind of guy would ever turn down sex? Especially if it is with someone like Brett Rossi. She loves her pussy being licked but what she likes even more is a bad boy cock in her face and in her pussy! Maybe Ms. Rossi is failing her students on purpose. She seems to really love this sex thing.

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Apr 18th, 2021

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