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Rachel Loves Being A Slut
Description:Rachel Rivers has always been a tomboy and could never understand the girls that would dress up to draw in the boys. She loved to just get dirty and play with them. Then one day she found out why. Suddenly she loved to dress up and lure in the boys and make them lust after her; want to fuck her. It just turned her on so much. She loved knowing all the guys wanted to fuck her and most would pay almost anything to get the chance. She would get so wet just seeing their eyes lock on her. She loved it. She loved seeing those hard cocks but most of all she loved fucking those hard cocks. Getting her mouth fucked hard and feeling that shaft go deep down her throat. Feeling that head of the cock as it first penetrates her pussy. God her pussy just drips thinking of it. She loves to fuck. She wants all the cocks and anything she desires… she gets!

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Feb 6th, 2021

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