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Appearances can be deceiving! This seemingly cute chick is an athlete with a keen interest in guns. It came to our knowledge that she used her $1,000 loan to purchase expensive weaponry from Benelli. I didn’t realize what kind of danger I was in until I showed up to collect the debts.
I did suspect that there was something fishy about it. It’s not every day you see a woman taking a loan in order to purchase weapons. Still, the photo I saw was of a cute, seductive blondie, so my lower brain pretty much took the driver’s seat here. That was pretty shocking when, after tracking her down on the street, I was her turning around and asking me what the fuck do I want from her. Nonetheless, my dick got hard and I continued following her. It really took me by surprise when she tied my arms, sat on my face, and fucked me hard… my dick was VERY happy though.

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Channel - Debt4K
Mar 29th, 2021

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