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Lia Missy is a talented missy. She makes a living by dancing and looks simply incredible. It’s no big secret that are many men competing for her attention, willing to do whatever it takes to score a date with this beauty. Sadly, even women like Lia are not impervious to assholes. One such person is going to make her life difficult: she now has to pay a loan for a luxury tour package.

I arrived at the address and rang the bell. Nobody was there to open the door, so I jerked the door handle in hopes of making enough noise to alert someone. All of a sudden, the door opened. I entered the apartment and called out several times. There was no response, so I decided to head straight for the bathroom. When I peeked inside, I saw a very beautiful lady taking a leak. She had no idea that there’s a stranger in the house, so she was acting all lewd. When she saw me, she screamed in terror. She wanted me out of the apartment, but I just grabbed her by the arm tenderly and said: – Look, honey, I didn’t come here to creep on you, I came here to notify you about the debt. You owe $6300… so you’re in deep, deep shit. Wanna do something about it?

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Channel - Debt4K
Jun 20th, 2021

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