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This cute-looking blondie, Maria Hurricane, she really loves her house and she wants to decorate it with all fancy pieces of furniture. Even though her job (a hairdresser) isn’t exactly high-paying, she still wants to buy the best stuff. One fine day, she noticed a beautiful Italian couch at the store and ended up impulsively buying it. The overall unpaid loan – $2,000.
It took me A LONG time to track down this hot-ass blondie. She owed us $2,000, used to purchase fancy furniture. Unsurprisingly, she “forgot” to pay up so now she’s doing her best to cover up the tracks. I followed her to the apartment but she refused to let me in, screaming obscenities into my face! No matter how smart you think you are, I ALWAYS get what I came for… That’s why you’re gonna let me in and then you’re gonna let me inside of you…

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Channel - Debt4K
Mar 23rd, 2021

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