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Go Bi Or Go Home – April Olsen, Wolf Hudson & Johnny Hill
Wolf Hudson and April Olsen have just finished up a steamy sex session. As they chat, April muses that she wishes her husband Johnny Hill was more open to hooking up with both women AND men, just like Wolf. April gets an idea, suggesting to Wolf that he uses his charms to loosen Johnny up a bit. Wolf’s a little hesitant, since Johnny’s one of his closest friends. But April insists that she’ll be there too to join in on the fun, and besides, it’s time that they tell Johnny that they’ve been hooking up.

The next day, Johnny is reading in bed when April, dressed in sexy lingerie, slips under the covers with him. April tries to convince Johnny to experiment with a guy, but Johnny is hesitant. At that moment, Wolf walks in, slipping under the covers too as April mentions that she invited him over. Johnny is shocked as April announces that she wants to have a threesome with them. Despite Johnny’s hesitation, he ultimately agrees.

After all, there’s nothing more important to Johnny than making sure his wife is happy!

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Channel - DevilsFilm
Apr 11th, 2021

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