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Take A Ride On The Trans Train #02 – Izzy Wilde, Melanie Brooks & Rebel Rhyder
Melanie Brooks and Izzy Wilde return to their loft after seeing a great movie. They talk excitedly about how amazing the special effects were, and predict that the movie will win lots of awards. However, they are confronted by their roommate, Rebel Rhyder, who is unhappy that they went to see the movie without her.

Izzy and Melanie apologize, saying that Rebel seemed really tired, so they wanted to let her rest. But Rebel is not satisfied with this explanation, saying that they knew how much she’s been wanting to see the movie too. She demands to know how they’re going to make this up to her. They left her all alone, and her wet pussy was feeling so neglected… Okay, maybe this is about more than just a movie!

They get onto the bed and exchange apology kisses, then Melanie sticks her pretty cock into Rebel’s mouth. Meanwhile, Izzy licks Rebel’s pussy, then takes out her own sweet cock to give Rebel’s pussy some extra special attention. Looks like all is forgiven!

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May 30th, 2021

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