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That Big Ass Booty Can Pay Off This Debt!
I can’t believe this is happening. All my life I’ve stayed out of trouble. Went to college. Never been arrested. And here I am. About to go see a gang member.

Why? Because of my stupid brother. He was out here trying to scam people and he scammed the wrong person. And now this person…this GANG MEMBER…he s threatened my brother. And my brother…my stupid brother somehow got me involved in this. And now I have to go talk to this gang member…or else.

I’ve seen the way he’s looked at me before. I’ve seen the bulge in his pants as he watches my ass while I walk down the street. And now I have to go talk to him. Alone.

I just hope I can convince him to let all of this go.

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Jan 6th, 2022

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