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Helena Locke Vs Marcelo
Marcelo “Mad dog” is in the best form he has ever been in. He has been working on his cardio and he dominates in round 1. This match demonstrates how having a good strategy for a sex fight can win over someone with more strength. Marcelo has been working out and getting strong. His conditioning is great, his power is spot on, unfortunately for him, he has to meet Helena Locke. Helena Locke is a certified Bounty Hunter. She’s trained to take down dirt bags and bring them to justice. Today, she need to deal with the new Marcelo. It’s not very often we see a pro Domme pinned and taken advantage of. Each round we get to see Helena put into trouble and she is so pretty when she’s uncomfortable. One of these wrestlers needs to figure out how to win a sex fight. Being stronger won’t win a sex fight, What wins a sex fight is being a pervert. So get your perv on with these two sex fighters. The winner fucks the loser’s asshole and makes the loser worship their muscles.

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Channel - EvolvedFights
Apr 11th, 2021

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