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Mocha Menage Vs Paris Love
Mocha Menage has a reputation for being able to seduce her opponents and get TOs (Technical Orgasms) on her opponent after the wrestling is over. Today we have a rookie who has high hopes to defeating a veteran of the sex fighting world. Ms. Paris Love is stepping on the mats for her debut on the world stage of sex fighting and she is here to impress. These girl are two of the best trash talkers we have and the talk doesn’t stop once the whistle is blown. These girls are determined to win. Both girls throw each other down and impose their will on the other. This is incredible back and forth action the entire time. One wrestler is just a little more active and get the W. The winner gets to take her prize. The winner flexes over the loser while she fucks the loser with a strap on. The loser must admit defeat and grovel under the winner

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Nov 25th, 2021

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