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Sarah Brooke Vs Mocha Menage
Sarah Brooke has had a dominant reign so far on our mats. Today she has a real challenge taking on Mocha Menage. Mocha has a reputation of being able to get into her opponents heads and fuck up their sex fight game. If you haven’t seen Mocha’s mixed matches, you need to do yourself a favor to see how this tiny sassy athlete is able to sexually dominate men who destroy her in wrestling. Mocha is known for having a magical velvet pussy that makes people cum the instant they touch it. Sarah has her hand full ( so to speak) with Mocha who is able to slither out of all of Sarah’s hold. Sarah must stay focused so that she doesn’t become another statistic of mocha’s Orgasm game. Winner dominates the loser, with hand gags, muscle worship, trib fucking and lesbian strap on fucking

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Jan 6th, 2022

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