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Sarah Brooke Vs Vanessa Vega
Sarah Brooke is one of our most impressive rookies from last season. Vanessa Vega thinks Sarah is over hyped and thinks she can break Sarah in a sex fight. The first round is a tie for the match up. Vanessa is on a mission to make Sarah cum on the mat. Vanessa is tenacious with finger and licking. Even if Vanessa is on the bottom, she is reaching for tits and ass to get favor in the judges eyes. Sarah needs to step up her sex fight game and she knows it so rounds 2 and 3 are intense. The girls resort to hairpulling to control each other. One of these sexual athletes squeaks by with a victory and takes her prize. The loser must concede the loss by giving up some fuck holes.

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Channel - EvolvedFights
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Nov 25th, 2021

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