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Mocha Menage
Nathan Bonesaw Bronson is back on the mats. He’s been watching Mocha’s matches and he is clowning her other male opponents who could not control their nut when they went against Mocha. Mocha was out wrestled by her last two male opponents but once their dicks touched her pussy, their dicks exploded and Mocha got a small victory in the prize round by knowing that the men simply could NOT handle her magical pussy. Nathan wants to test the merchandise. He works very hard to get the pin and penetration but Mocha has some real skill and makes that hard for Nathan. Nathan is made to resort to submissions to be able to get his dick in her during the penalty. He tries it out and he definitely sees why the guys have had issues. This match goes 3 rounds. The winner is called. Mocha takes her time showing her magic. Her mouth is a sexual weapon and her pussy is equally as dangerous.

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Channel - EvolvedFights
May 17th, 2021

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