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Jade Diamond 18 Years Old
Today’s newbie is 18 year-old Jade Diamond. A very spiritual young girl who’s been studying astrology for the past 3 years so she’ll have a better understand of people in her quest to live a more full and satisfying life. We love that, and you can just tell from our future fortuneteller’s submission video that she loves people and wants to experience everything that life has to offer. Just remember we are all just passengers on this Blue Planet, traveling approximately 67,000 mph around that massive hydrogen fusion bomb the sun located at the center of our solar system and we just hope that our own personal rides last for as long as possible…

Not quite sure if Jade was expecting the Jake Adams rocket ship ride that he gave her today to be so, how do I say this? Long, stiff, and so ‘Out of this world.’ But I guarantee, this girl has never been fucked like this before and we don’t think she consulted her tarot cards this morning about the day’s events and how much she’ll love Jake’s cock over her boyfriends. Oh yeah, Jade’s a little wanderer and confesses she has a boyfriend who wouldn’t quite appreciate the adventurous and spiritual events of fucking and sucking the stiff hard cock of our stud Jake for some cold hard cash which she admittedly needs kinda badly. But what he doesn’t know wont hurt him I suppose and ignorance is bliss I’ve heard. My only advice or words of wisdom to this clueless boyfriend, or any other guy out there is this. 1) Learn the female anatomy, specifically where a girl’s clitoris is and how it should be touched or licked. 2) Practice. It’s not rocket science. Any idiot can learn to do it. 3) Do the former for longer than 10 minutes or at least as long as it takes for her/he-she to have a minimum of one orgasm, & lastly. 4) Sex is not a singular or loner activity but a recreational sport involving 2 or more participants, hopefully, and if you want your hot girlfriend to not have wondering orifices, hands or tongue? It was never explained or quoted more eloquently than by Brad Hamilton from the blockbuster movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. And he states: ‘Right… Learn it. Know it. Live it,’ all you Jeff Spicolis out there. So it’s no surprise that Jade likes girls more than guys when we find out she’s usually only has sex for the earth shattering, record breaking amount of time that is… 10 MINUTES! And more sadly than that, has never had an orgasm during sex with a guy. Sorry Jade for both those, what must seem to be, never ending life experiences and we now know why you’re on your quest. But luckily for you ExCoGi Steve has consulted his tarot cards and I predict are you in for one fucking hell of a good time today. The car ride alone appeared to have you floating on thunder storm clouds or possibly seeing fireworks from some other plant than Earth because the Jake Adams sex machine is full of dynamite and not of this world we all know. But seriously though, from Jade’s expressions of disbelief and or pure amazement of the car ride and subsequent day’s events, you’d think she’d never had a real cock up that beautiful vagina of hers before. If it wasn’t clear before? It’s crystal clear now and Jade knows what a proper fucking is. So if she didn’t kick her loser boyfriend to the curb right after getting home today than this girl isn’t serious about living a more full and satisfying life with her fellow passengers of Earth. I’m going to make a statement now and not a prediction because I’m no fortuneteller but the producer of this video and I know how this rocket ship lands. The beautiful, and after today much enlightened, Jade Diamond walked in very Wet… then she walked out very Sore. But a good sore as she confesses in her post shoot confessional and we hope we’ll be seeing more of Jade because THIS IS our quest. “To not give girls what they want. But to give girls what they don’t know they want,” and they always want more after Jake gives it. So happy stargazing everyone!

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Apr 11th, 2021

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