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Zerella Skies 20 Years Old
Today we have very enthusiastic 20 year-old Zerella Skies. This girl has been begging to do porn and we got her first sex on camera back on 11/19/2020. We’ve been holding onto this one for a little bit but this girl is about to be set loose and she’s coming at you. So Jay picks up Zerella from the airport and right off the bat we can tell this girl is sex starved. She says she likes girls more than boys, but she loves cum. Kinda doesn’t make sense, but when your dicks hard lots of things at the time make sense that don’t. So anyways, Zerella REALLY loves cum. I mean REALLY loves cum. She’s a cum lover. Can’t get enough of the pearly white stuff says this girl. Actually wants to take baths in it she says. Says she would eat it for every meal of the day if she could. Requests it to be shot all over that smiley beautiful face every time she fucks a guy. Well you’re in the right car with the right guy Zerella because Jay packs quite the load of jizz in his gun and he’ll fire it anywhere asked. Another fun fact, we also find out that Zerella hasn’t had sex for a few months and is more than ready to take her pornginity today. We’re also very ready and willing to help you out girl with all your requests of perversions. So right away Jay gets to feeling up those perfectly not so hiding under that very see-through top of hers. Perfect tits, and Jay can’t keep his hands off of them. Yes Zerella is quite the exhibitionist and says she loves to tease the guys, and piss the girls off, while everyone stares at the headlights god blessed her with while walking through the airport. Some guy almost walked into a pole she giggles when she got off the plane. It’s also just about this time that while Jay is feeling up our exploit, we get a sneaky snake look at that wonderful “Gene Simmons” of a tongue she’s been hiding. “Let me get a closer look at that,” Jay snickers with a smile as he whips his snake out to get a sampling of her snake pierced tongue. Yes Zerella is B-Jay approved and this girl can suck a mean cock. And Jay should know. He’s had quite a few honeys suck his cock over the years. So while Zerella does what she loves doing the most, Jay begins to play with that fully erect clit of hers and introduces her to the Magic Wand while on the way back to the condo. “Does she cum Steve?” you ask. No this girl loves to torture her clit with vibrators and makes herself get” just-to-the-edge”, then backs off. She loves to actually force herself NOT TO CUM! Ok now I’ve heard everything. But I guess I get it. She wants it to happen while having sex at the condo and we say have it your way girl. It’s your pornginity. But why this girl doesn’t get sex all the time is beyond us because this girl is enthusiastic and loves to please whomever she’s sexing with. Did I say this girl loves cum also? She does, and she loves it so much that she didn’t want to wash it off after the scene. She actually requested to wear her Jay cum facial on the airplane ride home. Kinky… and I think she also said she had a date that night. Oh My!!! Hope he likes cum as much as Zerella does because he’s probably going to ask what flavor lipstick she’s wearing while getting to second base. If I knew who you were buddy, I would have shouted out a warning. But hey? What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him I guess. Anyways enjoy Zerella and her first sex on camera. We hope her date enjoys the taste of Jay as much as she did today.

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Feb 26th, 2021

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