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E796 Broken And Fully Aware
When a girl is glassed over while giving head, that is evidence of trauma. When silent tears stream down her face as she’s getting thrusted into, that tells me it was someone close. The best whores are forged from tragedy, pulled from the sacred fire of whore and sculpted into their final form. She took two dicks in her pussy today like a little cock puppet, and there was a cock in her asshole and a cock in her pussy and they were drilling hard. A cock was pulled from her bowels and shoved into her mouth. Her awaiting mouth took a stream of yellow discipline of which she swallowed. She had the taste slapped out of her mouth like she had kung flu. 3 loads were applied on her somber face, as she scooped the cum into a shot glass and chugged it like the sorority girl she never was.

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Feb 13th, 2021

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